Training Classes

The Puppy Ladies offer a variety of group training classes. As experts in puppy development, we use only humane methods, backed by science, to train your new companion. We love helping children learn all about puppy training, too. Our classes are held on a 10-acre property in Tallahassee, and are fun, effective, and thorough! Want a well-mannered dog you can take anywhere? It’s never too early to train. Give us a call at 850.309.1593 or send us an email

Classes Offered

  • Puppy Class
  • Basic Manners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Puppy Class

For: Puppies 8-20 weeks old

Length: 4-6 weeks (younger puppies get more classes)

Schedule: Summer classes run Saturday 10:00 am or 11:15 am, Sunday 10:00 am (small dogs only) or 11:15 am.

October-May: Sunday 1:00 pm (small dogs only) or 2:00 pm.

How It Works: We have open enrollment. You can start anytime! Each week you may choose one class to attend. We offer flexible scheduling. You don’t have to commit to a day/time.

Cost: $165 for entire course (includes the book The Puppy Primer by Patricia McConnell and Brenda Scidmore)

Prerequisites: First round of DHPP vaccinations and negative fecal test.

Note: Separate play areas available for large and small breeds

What we cover: Help with housetraining, chew training, barking, impulse control, crate training and much more. 2 supervised group play sessions at every class: your puppy learns how to play nicely with other puppies while burning energy. Separate space available for shy puppies

Basic Manners

Length: 6 weeks
Cost: $165 
Prerequisites:  Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations, and be good with other dogs and people (Dogs that are fearful or reactive to other dogs or people can do private sessions.)
What we cover: Good manners: sit, down, come, emergency recall, and loose-leash walking. Fun, relaxed, informative, and THOROUGH! Play games while learning commands
Note: Puppy Class grads get first choice in our Basic Manners classes


Length: 6 weeks
Cost: $150
Prerequisites: Dogs must be graduates of our Basic Manners class.
What we cover: Polishing basic manners while practicing the 3 D’s: distance, distraction, and duration. 


Length: 6 weeks Cost: $100
Prerequisites: Dogs must be graduates of our Intermediate Class. No exceptions!
What we cover: Practicing commands (sit, down, stay, and more) with even more of the 3 D’s: distance, distraction, and duration. Real world training: 3 weeks at our private facility, and 3 weeks out in the community (stores, parks, and more). Fun games with great results. Need help choosing the perfect class for your puppy? Give us a call at 850.309.1593 or send us an email.

What is puppy socialization?
Early, positive introductions to a wide variety of people, places, and things, setting your puppy up to be a confident and friendly dog. The Puppy Ladies are socialization experts, and our classes make the most of this early and critical window of opportunity.

‘The Puppy Ladies’ puppy class was a godsend!
Mark and Cindy Repasky, Tallahassee, FL

Our Training Methods
We use positive reinforcement, based in the science of operant conditioning, for the quickest, most effective results. Since choke chains and shock collars can create unforeseen behavior problems, we use natural rewards (treats, praise, pets) instead to motivate puppies.

Positive reinforcement methods are recommended by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and countless top trainers.

“I learned so much about positive reinforcement training and I had so much fun in the two classes we attended. Our dog looked forward to our Saturday classes!
Maureen E. Yoder, Tallahassee, FL