Puppy Class (8-20 weeks old)

The Puppy Ladies offer a variety of group training classes. As experts in puppy development, we use only humane methods, backed by science, to train your new companion. We love helping children learn all about puppy training, too. Our classes are held on a 15-acre property in Tallahassee, and are fun, effective, and thorough! Want a well-mannered dog you can take anywhere? It’s never too early to train.

Current Schedule:

Saturday 10:00 AM

Sunday 6:15 PM

Monday 9:00 AM

How it works:

You can start anytime! All you need is an 8 week old puppy with its first round of DHPP vaccine and also provide a negative fecal test. Each week you may choose one class to attend. We offer 4 puppy classes a week, You don’t have to commit to a specific day/time.

What we cover:

We work to prevent future behavioral issues such as: house training, chew training, barking, impulse control, crate training and much more. During class, we have 2 supervised group play sessions. Your puppy learns how to play appropriately with other puppies while burning energy.


$225 for the entire 6 week course.

Print and fill out the form below to bring to your first puppy class, or just ask for one when you come in!

What is Socialization?

Early, positive introductions to a wide variety of dogs, people, places, and things, setting your puppy up to be a confident and friendly dog. The Puppy Ladies are socialization experts, and our classes make the most of this early and critical window of opportunity. Experts agree that the best age for puppy socialization is 3-14 weeks.

Our training methods:

We use positive reinforcement, based in the science of operant conditioning, for the quickest, most effective results. Since choke chains and shock collars can create unforeseen behavior problems, we use natural rewards (treats, praise, pets) instead to motivate puppies.


When can I start?

You can start the puppy classes as early as 8 weeks or as late as 15 weeks... The earlier the better!

How do I register?

Print and fill out the form above to bring to your first puppy class, or just ask for one when you come in!

What do I bring to class?

A harness (or collar), a leash (no retractables), vet records (only 1st DHPP vaccine and negative fecal exam requirement), and some treats.

Where do I go?

3092 Hawks Landing Dr, Tallahassee FL

Please email for current schedule as it varies throughout the seasons.

What are my payment options?

We currently accept cash or check

What are your training methods?

At The Puppy Ladies, we use positive reenforcement and during class, we use food and praise for training.

Get started on raising the perfect puppy companion!