Don't have a puppy? We can still help!

The Puppy Ladies offer a variety of group training classes. As experts in dog training we use only humane methods, backed by science, to train your new companion. We love helping children learn all about dog training, too. Our classes are held on a 15-acre property in Tallahassee, and are fun, effective, and thorough! Want a well-mannered dog you can take anywhere? It’s never too early to train.

Email us for current schedule; Varies throughout seasons.

Basic Manners - 6 weeks

Cost: $225 (Discount for Puppy Grads)

Prerequisites: Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations & be social with other dogs/people.

This is for adolescent dogs between 5-12 months.

What we cover: Good manners: sit, down, come, emergency recall, and loose-leash walking. Fun, relaxed, informative, and THOROUGH! Play games while learning commands

Note: Puppy Class grads get first choice in our Basic Manners classes. Dogs that are fearful or reactive to other dogs or people can do private sessions, contact us for more information!

Intermediate - 4 to 5 weeks

Cost: $75

Prerequisites: Dogs must be graduates of our Basic Manners class.

What we cover: Polishing basic manners while practicing the 3 D’s: distance, distraction, and duration. 

Advanced - 4 weeks

Cost: Free

Prerequisites: Dogs must be graduates of our Intermediate Class. No exceptions!

What we cover: Practicing cues (sit, down, stay, and more) with even more of the 3 D’s: distance, distraction, and duration. Real world training: 2 weeks at our private farm, and 2 weeks out in the community (stores, parks, and more). Fun games with great results. 


What if my dog is over 12 months?

We have a very limited amount of time available to work with adult dogs. Please email us to set up a phone consultation at

Does my dog qualify for basic manners?

Your dog must be playful, friendly and non-reactive. (Reactive is if your dog barks or lunges at people or other dogs.)

Where do I go?

3092 Hawks Landing Dr, Tallahassee FL

Please email for current schedule as it varies throughout the seasons.

What are my payment options?

We currently accept cash or check.

What are your training methods?

At The Puppy Ladies, we use positive reenforcement and during class, we use food and praise for training.

What do I bring to class?

A harness (or collar), a leash (no retractables), vet records (only rabies tag requirement), and some treats.

Let me help you train your dog today!